Corporate Employee Program

A Corporate Employee Program sales rebate is available to corporations that participate in this employee program. This program is designed to offer your employees significant savings on their toner cartridges and hardware purchases while earning the corporate employer a rebate on each sale to their employees. This program can significantly offset the corporation’s cost of printing.

Volume Rebate Program

Buying in larger quantities is a great way to save on your toner and inkjet costs. We would be more than happy to work with you to offer a customized program for your corporation based on the printers and photocopiers you use. Feel free to contact your customer service representative or the form below to ask us for more information.

Bulk Volume
Referral rebate

Referral Program

Our clients often refer their supply chain business partners to Inkcorporate. To express our gratitude and appreciation, we have a variety of referral rewards available to our corporate clients. Please call your customer service representative for further information.

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